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Personal insurance is focused on protecting the financial interests of an individual or family rather than a corporate or non-profit entity. In the industry it is referred to as Personal Lines Insurance. It offers many different types of protection.  It includes:

  • Home insurance is a policy designed to assist with expenses related to certain hazards, such as fire, hurricane and theft; which can damage to a home or its contents. Home insurance also covers the liabilities homeowners have when someone is hurt on their property. It covers medical costs as well as legal costs and damages. It DOES NOT cover Earthquakes or Floods!
  • Auto insurance provides protection to both vehicle owners and individuals who are injured or experience property damage by other drivers.  Most states require auto insurance.  It must also meet each state’s minimum coverage laws by providing bodily injury and property damage liability coverage that protects those who might be unintentionally injured or damaged by the insured.  Policies can be structured to cover the damages of the insured’s vehicle through comprehensive and collision coverage as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Renters insurance provides coverage for an renter's personal contents.  The landlord is responsible for insuring the building but has no responsibility for a renter's personal property.  In addition,  a should secure liability insurance to cover medical costs and damages in the event a visitor is injured while in their apartment.
  • Umbrella insurance provides coverage when the liability limits of other personal policies are not enough to cover the loss.  Individuals can purchase an umbrella policy to provide $1 million or more in additional liability coverage.  Just one umbrella policy effectively increases the liability limits of each of the insured’s other policies. 
  • RV, Motorcycle, Watercraft, Valuables, Earthquake, Flood and other specialized policies are available through our office.  
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